The Most Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Customer Logic has a range of reporting capabilities, from pre-written reports to almost limitless end-user reports.


Track real-time information that's critical to your business using Dashboards.


Dashboards allow you to quickly visualise Business Critical information and data, so that you get insights into your business that were previously impossible. Dashboards can even be published onto a web server, so that the can be viewed remotely, or on any mobile device.

Dashboards allow drill-down on most fields, you can select a service, like Dental, and click on it to compare months, users, species or other data.

Data Analysis Cubes

"Cubing" allows data to be compared in a pivot table.


Without requiring an external spread sheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, Customer Logic Vet allows you to drag and drop key data points in a pivot table to analyse your data. Ever wanted a breakdown of income by species by suburb? Easy, simple drag the "Suburb" and "Species" fields into the cube and add groupings such as date, or look at values such as average charges.
Data Analysis is so simple that you don't need to be an Excel wizard to do this kind of reporting, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you - just drag and drop!

Built in Reporting

Of course, if you are not comfortable or don't enjoy looking through data, there are over 50 built in reports that you can use to analyse everything from waiting times, appointment no shows, income by category, debtor analysis and banking. You can even customise some of these reports to suit your requirements. Reports are all secured using user based security, so you can give different staff different levels of access to keep your data secure.

Query Building

Ever wanted to find all animals between certain ages and email their owners a "Dental Health" newsletter? Using our built in tools, create your own data queries and target your clients with email or snail-mail mail-outs in a few simple clicks. You can prepare a PDF newsletter to email to a group of clients based on species, breed, sex, age or even colour of pet, financial status, purchase history, or almost any information you record.


You can even personalise a newsletter or PDF attachment using dozens of automatic merge fields. You won't need external tools like Microsoft Word, Outlook, or mass email programs - you can perform all of the functionality from within Customer Logic Vet.

Reporting is one of our strongest features, we'd be happy to show you a demonstration

Documents, Forms and Handouts

Create and Merge Documents with or without Microsoft Word

Customer Logic features a powerful word processor, complete with inbuilt merge fields, that has no dependency on Microsoft Word but can open and edit documents made by Word and many other Word Processors. Using the built in editor is easy - the interface was inspired by Word so it already feels familiar - and having no dependency on Word means that printing is faster and more stable. You can use the editor to import your existing documents and begin using them inCustomer Logic Vet instantly.


The Document editor supports formatting, highlighting, font selection, embedded images, tables, bulleted and numbered lists, spell checking and styles.

Marketing and Mail Merge

Easily create mail merge documents and marketing materials by combining the Document Editor with Query Builder. Select the merge fields you need and combine them into a document template, which can then be printed or emailed. Documents can be exported to a number of formats, including PDF, Word, HTML and Open Document Format.

You can print mail merge documents, or send them directly by email using internal email mass-mailing tools.